A yearly inspection visit from experienced home inspectors Ottawa can stop any kind of moisture damage, structural damage or any other expensive repairs. 

Here is short list of what one should look for while inspecting roofs; 

·       Broken shingles/ Missing Shingles

·       Cracked caulk or rust spots over flashing.

·       Cracked and worn rubber boots around and all over the vent pipes

·       Shingles those are blistering, buckling or curling.

·       Symptoms like masses of moss and lichen that indicates that the roof is already started decaying.

·       Missing or damaged chimney cap can also cause trouble in future

It is a matter of concern if you ever find piles of colored grit from the roof tiles in the gutter. It can be an alarming situation. Keep a sharp eye on sand-like granules that might be covering the roof surface without letting you notice prominently. You can also choose to get them covered or shield to get the right protection from the UV rays.

Based on the age of your roof, our roof inspectors will decide about what to do and what not. Many times if the roof is not maintained on regular basis and if it is very old, the roof may demand to get replaced. Replacing roof is a huge expense and is always the last option. One can avoid this major expense by calling our expert home inspectors at least once in a year.

We are known to provide the best Home inspection cost Ottawa through our certified and experienced experts. Prime Home Inspection gives you the detailed report after inspection that consists of every minute detail and this is why our home inspectors are in huge demand throughout the year. We can easily examine the roof even if it is too steep, has loose shingles, granules on the wet roof, a damaged barrel tile or any other flaw by inspecting it thoroughly. Many construction companies in Ottawa has increased the number of projects in tremendous speed and many of many of them are found not following all the mandatory norms while building a house or any other property. This calls for an action from all of us in order to safeguard family members as well as valuables kept inside the home. 

When it comes to Home inspection cost Ottawa, expert services of Prime Home inspection comes at the first place. We are in this business for years and hence we can very easily provide affordable home inspection services at your doorstep. You will be glad to know that our home inspectors can comfortably survey every single key component of your residential premises. We even use the latest software for inspection. Very few good companies have started to do digital surveys and give reports to customers as it helps them to predict future investments. Several inspection agencies take proper inspection as well as strategic survey reports of residential building structures. 

We stand on top of the list of companies when it comes to inspecting accessible roof coverings (height, design, a condition of roofing materials and/or weather conditions may prevent mounting certain roofs), gutters, flashings, skylights, as well as signs of leaks and deterioration. Get ahead in keeping your sweet home safe and secured for your loved ones by calling our best in class Home inspectors Ottawa.