·       The construction industry in Ottawa has increased in tremendous speed and many of construction companies are reported to not follow all the mandatory norms while building a house. This calls for an action from all of us in order to safeguard family members as well as valuables kept inside the home. 

·       Regular inspection keeps us ensured about good condition of roofs, gutters, downspouts, heating system, air conditioner, and insulation system, walls of every corner of house, pipes and other fixtures of the entire house. 

·       It also prevents future losses on repair work by preventing any major damages because a professional home inspector can easily spot damages that can cause a huge loss in future. Hence, a reliable home inspector will always suggest you the right thing to protect from any major loss. 

Our team at Prime Home Inspection has many industry experts that are into inspection business since years and hence they leave no chance for any 

Home Inspectors Ottawa

single mistake. They consider many factors while completing home inspection and will apply competitive charges for all the services offered because we genuinely want to keep Ottawa people safe. They survey every single key component of your residential premises. Very few good companies have started to do digital surveys and give reports to customers as it helps them to predict future investments. Several inspection agencies take proper inspection as well as strategic survey reports of residential building structures. 

Here are few reasons why one can choose Prime Home Inspection services; 

·        Every single home inspector is certified and trained enough to handle any kind of situation when it comes to residential building inspection. 

·        We offer fully insured services. 

·     Reporting is done through the use of Horizon software that is used for writing report system.

·      A special ‘recall check’ and ‘90 days limited warranty’ is included along with the digital report. It also covers sewer-Guard, mold-safe, appliances recall check, platinum roof protection plan.  

Our precise reports are used by many across North America because the report includes detailed information about all the observations about every corner ofHome Inspection Ottawa your house. It also talks about what all are the recommendations for the good condition of your premise in future, including cost estimate of repair work required at any point in time. And the biggest benefit is that we also give you well-known home reference guide by Carson Dunlop. It has been loved by thousands of people as it has many wonderful tips about several pages of detailed reports, about 400 pages on important dos and doesn't for maintaining your house in a well-maintained condition, 16 chapters of easy to understand house owner information, over 150 illustrations and much more. 

Cost-effective home inspection services are in demand throughout the year and this is why we receive many calls for home inspection cost Ottawa. Don’t allow any third person to bluff you with false promises about home inspection services. It has been observed that after completion of the required work, they demand much more money than what they committed and that includes many hidden charges. Through our years of experience, we have gained the trust of numerous people. 

A well-maintained home is primarily responsible for the security of all members living inside the house as well as of all the valuables kept inside that. Call our experts to know how you can avail professional home inspection services and that too in one of the most competitive home inspection cost Ottawa. 

We will help you enhance your building’s strength in a far better way one can imagine of.