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Prime Home Inspection provides a wide range of services when it comes to home inspection. If you are planning to sell your home then this inspection should be there on your to-do list without a miss. We receive a lot of request for home inspection from buyers also because it is beneficial for both the parties. Every single staff member in PHI are well trained, certified as well as experienced in handling any kind of inspection services with perfection.

Our Experts can check the condition of following belongings:

Structure Systems- Basement and Crawlspaces, Floor framing, foundation walls, etc. are inspected for faults like water penetration and mold growth.

Roofing Systems- Entire roof coverings like height, design, the condition of roofing material, gutters, flashings, skylights, leaks, deterioration, etc. is inspected by our officials.

Exterior Systems- Stoops, steps, decks, driveways, patios, balconies, siding, trim, etc. are inspected for damage, deterioration or safety hazards.

Garages- Firewalls and ceilings are inspected, garage doors, and door openers are tested for any damage, proper operation and safety.

Fireplaces & Chimneys- Interior and exterior visible areas are inspected for damage or deterioration.

Interior Systems- We inspect stairways, windows & doors, ceilings, walls, and flooring also.

Plumbing System- All accessible piping and fixtures are inspected for function flow and leaks. The domestic water heating equipment is inspected for proper installation, leaks, operation, life expectancy, and venting.

Bathrooms- All plumbing fixtures are tested for proper operation and evidence of active or previous leakage, shower and tub walls are inspected for signs of water damage and floors are inspected for water damage or deterioration.

Electrical Systems- Accessible outlets are tested for proper wiring, switches are tested for proper operation, an accessible wiring is inspected for proper installation and all electrical panels are uncovered and inspected.

Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Systems- As weather permits, Air Conditioning is operated and evaluated for proper operation.

Heating systems- Heating systems are operated and inspected for proper/safe operation and venting.

Insulation Systems- We inspect insulation, ventilation, framing, attic, and sheathing, where accessible. Any signs of visible mold will be noted.

So, to avail all these services in cost-effective prices you can call experts of Prime home inspection (PHI) services anytime with just one call. If you search for

Home Inspectors Ottawa

Ottawa home inspection companies, you can find plenty of suggestions. But be extremely careful while picking any random company because they can bluff you easily through their wrong promises. Roofs are one of the main parts of our house as it protects us from external objects. Be it an extreme weather condition or any other conditions, a roof above us stands tall to protect each one inside house. Minor roof damages are not easily recognizable to a common person and only a professional can spot them. Call our experts for a roof inspection and avoid any hazards to an entire house. A professional home inspection report provides a clear statement about the condition of entire house including conclusion or suggestions about any kind of repair or replacement that needs to be done.

Let’s take a glance at reasons why demand for our home inspection Ottawa has gone high like never before.

Ensures Home’s long life- Regular home inspection ensures the better condition of all mentioned belongings. 

  • For seller- 

Good Selling Price: A properly inspected and maintained home gets a higher price than that of a non-maintained house. 

Property becomes easy to sell: Because of a proper inspection report, a property is never under any kind of negative discussions and seller can enjoy smooth selling. 

Honest Deal- If you have got your property proper inspected by experts then your property is considered as safest to buy and so becomes a clear deal that never creates any problem in future. 

  • For Buyer- 

Fair Deal: Usually seller never mentions any minor damage that is not visible but is very unsafe. By getting a home inspection from us, a buyer can ensure that the property he/she is buying is good to live in any kind of extreme situations. 

Avoid unnecessary expenses in future: Through our expert home inspection, we help you to sign the deal in a fair cost and to reduce future repair costs. During the inspection process, our inspector will give suggestions about future maintenance of the home to save any big expenditure in maintaining house’s condition. 

Stress-Free- So, our home inspection service will give you peace of mind and you can purchase your favorite home without any stress.

So if you are planning to sell your house, wish to buy a house or want to continue living in your present house, PHI can help you in every aspect. Potential buyers will never be missed if you prefer home inspection before selling. Consider Home Inspection Ottawa on your priority list if you want to avoid any kind of issues related to your house. All of our officials are trained as per industry standards and follow all the necessary norms while working on every site. They are extremely friendly and work as per your requirement.

Our years of experience have given us tremendous trust from people and that is why Prime Home Inspection stands on top of the list of companies for Home Inspection Ottawa. Call our experts to know more!