Having a house is definitely a blessing, but maintaining it is a huge responsibility. If you have purchased a home for yourself and enjoying the stay for a long time without inspecting every corner of your house, then it can cause serious damages without any alarm. There are many damages that a normal person can easily spot, for example, cracks in the walls, leakage from pipelines, and other external damages. But there are few damages like minute holes or cracks on a roof, problems with insulation or heating systems, an internal problem in gutters, etc. can’t be identified before they are causing some prominent damages. Hence, to save your home and expenditure consider House Inspection Ottawa on a regular basis.

Here is a short list of services that PHI (Prime Home Inspection) Home Inspectors Ottawa can take care of;

·       Roofing system

·       Basement & Crawlspaces

·       Garages

·       Fireplace  and Chimney

·       Interior systems like a door, window, ceiling, floor, etc.

·       Plumbing system

·       Bathroom Fixtures

·       Electrical systems

·       Air conditioning and Heating systems

·       Insulation systems

Benefits of home inspection;

·       You can book an inspection request according to your convenient time.

·      Increased life span of the house.

·       Prevention of huge losses due to ignorance of minor problems.

·       Increased safety and security.

·       Detailed report of inspection that will help you to take necessary precautions in future. It will have details about all major system of your home.

·       Use of thermal imaging camera has taken our inspection services to a whole new level.

·       We also offer free Recall check with every inspection.

We have many loyal customers who utilisé our inspection services on regular basis and secure their home as well as near and dear ones. PHI has a rich experience when it comes to Home inspection services and every single staff of PHI is highly skilled as well as certified for doing the needful job in a proficient manner. In order to live your life in a happier and secured way, keep a sharp eye on your residence’s condition. By this means you can avoid enjoying your life without any fear. 

Call our home inspectors Ottawa and stay relaxed for your home’s safety.