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A COMMERCIAL INSPECTION would normally entail an actual inspection the whole building on its interior and its exterior, from the roof to the foundation.

The commercial inspection would do a visual review of all areas of the building and its systems. This would normally include the interior and exterior walls, structural frame, roof, the exterior parking and pedestrian surfaces, interior floors, all plumbing, electrical and heating/cooling equipment. We would inspect the mechanical systems by opening the normal access plates and service compartment covers to allow an interior assessment of the particular piece of equipment.

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We usually sending a PRE-SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE outlines questions that may be posed to a person knowledgeable about the property or building, such as the owner, owner’s representative, tenant etc…, so that answers can be obtained prior to the site review, sometimes we request visit the site (free of charge if its in our territory) in order to send out our proposal.

The Assessment and subsequent report is an opinion of the inspector or the consultant team and does not warrant or guarantee the present or future condition of the property.

Every Commercial property is unique with different needs and characteristics. Dependent upon the particular needs of the client and property involved, a scope of work will be written to address each particular inspection. The inspection report or PCA (Property Condition Assessment) will be created along ASTM E2018 - 15 standards.

A comprehensive Commercial Building Report will be prepared with photographs , building component description, documenting deficiencies and problems, repair options, estimate repair costs. 

The time to perform a Commercial Inspection is dependent on the size and scope of the Inspection requested, typically a small buildings requires a full day to complete or may be more it depends on the condition and the access available. Larger buildings can require more to complete each building is different , each report is fully customized and tailored to the building and the intended use of the buyer or seller.

Commercial inspection fees are quoted differently depending on the location, size, building age, scope of work.


What types of buildings we inspected?:

Light Manufacturing - Retail stores - Office Buildings - Multi Family residential - Restau-rants - Warehouses - Shopping centres - Retail - Plaza’s


We are Specialized in Commercial Inspections and our services include:

Checklist for inspecting a commercial property:

The basics:

Here are the essential elements of a commercial building and the key items to inspect when evaluating the physical condition of any substantial structure.

1) Roofing

2) Exterior

3) Structure (building core)

4) Plumbing

5) Electrical

6) Heating

7) Ventilation

8) Air-Conditioning

8) Interior & Insulation


Specialty Inspection Areas: 

. Fire protection and life safety systems.

. Elevators.

. Environmental Site Assessments

. Indoor air quality.

. Parking Garage.

 . Asphalt Paving.

Specialty Service: 

 The specialists we typically need include: (Structural Engineer- Environmental Auditor- Fire Protection Specialist- Elevator Specialist- HVAC specialist- Electrical Specialist-Asphalt specialist) 

 Below are some examples of our routine commercial inspections.