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We are Specialized in Residential Home Inspections and our services include:

Roofing System:

We inspect accessible roof coverings (height, design, the condition of roofing materials and/or weather conditions may prevent mounting certain
roofs), gutters, flashings, skylights, as well as signs of leaks and deterioration. 

Structure Systems:

Basement and Crawlspaces: Floor framing, foundation walls are inspected for structural problems, walls and floors are evaluated for previous or ongoing water penetration and mold growth.

Exterior Systems:  

Stoops, steps, decks, driveways, patios, and balconies are inspected for damage, deterioration or safety hazards. Siding, trim, windows and doors are inspected for damage or deterioration.


Firewalls and ceilings are inspected for damage or breaches, garage doors, and door openers are tested for proper operation and safety.

Fireplaces & Chimneys:

Interior and exterior visible areas are inspected for damage or deterioration.

Interior Systems:

We inspect stairways, windows & doors, ceilings, walls, & flooring.

Plumbing System:

All accessible piping and fixtures are inspected for function flow and leaks. The domestic water heating equipment is inspected for proper installation, leaks, operation, life expectancy, and venting.


All plumbing fixtures are tested for proper operation and evidence of active or previous leakage, shower and tub walls are inspected for signs of water damage and floors are inspected for water damage or deterioration.

Electrical Systems:

Accessible outlets are tested for proper wiring, switches are tested for proper operation, the accessible wiring is inspected for proper installation and all electrical panels are uncovered and inspected. Heating Systems:

Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Systems:

As weather permits, Air Conditioning is operated and evaluated for proper operation.

Heating systems: 

Heating systems are operated and inspected for proper/safe operation and venting.

Insulation Systems:

We inspect insulation, ventilation, framing, attic, and sheathing, where accessible. Any signs of visible mold will be noted.

 a) Do you want to see if your furnace and water heater are hot?

 b) We can see the under floor heating system and detect if there are cold spots or leaks?

   *  We can offer many more services using a thermal imaging camera. 


PHI uses the most updated software report writing on the market (Horizon Software), you will receive PDF format report, the report includes a summary of the major conditions of the home   (if found) and details on all of the major systems of the home, it's usually delivered within 24 hours of the inspection date.

The report will also indicate the details of the inspection and where improvements are necessary, it will help you establish priorities for those repairs. 

sampe report

We help by answering your questions for as long as you own the home.

A typical home inspection takes at least 2 hours & 30 minutes. Older, larger or more complex homes take longer.